Our Product

So, you can use KEGS of COLD BREW…

What kind of partner-in-coffee are you?

1. You have an office, a gathering, a party, or an event, and you would like to have cold brew there!

We can provide you with a mobile tap system for private events or come to your event to serve cold brew! Contact us with your information.

2. You are a proprietor and have your own tap system ready to rock cold brew sales.

You want the kegs and only the kegs!

3. You are in need of a tap set-up -OR- You have one, but you don’t have any open taps.

You want the kegs and a cold-room compact tap system!

4.  You are in need of a custom tap set up. Advanced systems can be designed and installed.

Contact us for a site visit to assess your specific needs! We can create custom systems and provide local maintenance in our regional area.

5. You are in a situation we have yet to think of… We still want to get you cold brew!

Let us know, whatever it is, we’ll do what we can.

Contact us with any questions or for a quote for your business or event!